Bei Jing Jin Zhou Tuo Technology Development LTD


JZT LTD,recognized as Beijing High-Tech Corporation and Zhong Guan Cun High-Tech Corporation, is dedicated in marine technical service for improvement of personnel and installation safety and environment protection,one of majority is offshore system and equipment reliability analysis in which FMECA for such as DPS,ballast system for semi-ship or platform , offshore drilling module ,Jack-up, subsea control module etc. is included in light of requirements from society rules , IMO and governmental statutory regulations.

      Present company has been staffed with 5 PH.Ds,  3-Professor-class senior engineer, 10 science masters,and 2 bachelor technicians.

     Corporation is organized according to standardized procedures including quality management system and healthy and environment requirement procedure, and corporation is also the member of International Marine Contractor Association(IMCA) . The certificates are shown below.

     At present, corporation owns 8 independent intellectual software copyrights shown as below,covering FMEA/FMECA copyright and mooring design and analysis copyright , according to which independent intellectual property of FMEA/FMECA software were developed and applied.